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Trust & Legacy Advisory Singapore

Live a Great Life; Leave a Greater Legacy

Ever attended an estate planning talk where you struggled to stay awake?

Never with Daniel!

Dubbed "Singapore's Funniest Estate Planner", he makes dry topics come alive with humour.
You learn more when you laugh!

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Current Talk:
Wealth Doesn't Survive 3 Generations

Image by National Cancer Institute
Old Asian Man
Luxury House

Personal & Family Legacy

  • ‘Only 5% of wealthy families descendants get to inherit and 10% gets passed down to grandchildren’ – Forbes’ Report 2014

  • How to increase the chances of it happening?

  • What are the tools available and how to use them?

Business Succession

  • Why shouldn’t I distribute my business equally among my children?

  • How can I ensure the longevity of my business in the hands of my descendants?

  • What happens if my business partner passes away?

  • How can I retain shareholding and compensate my partner’s family?

  • How can I transfer my business to a key employee?

Advanced Legacy Concepts

​(a.k.a. Secrets of the Ultra-Wealthy)

  • Maximise Your Retirement

  • Family Bank

  • Legacy in Perpetuity

Singapore's Funniest Estate Planning Speaker - Daniel Tan

•Masters in Business Administration, MBA

•Certified Financial Planner, CFP®

•Institute of Banking & Finance Advanced, IBFA

•Associate Estate Planning Practitioner, AEPP®

Daniel embodies experiences and qualities rarely found together: 

  1. A licensed adviser since 1997

  2. Relevant academic and professional education

  3. Founded, managed and sold a successful travel company

  4. Set up his charitable trust


Legacy Team Members


Kenneth is our resident trust and estate expert. He is licensed to facilitate Wills and Trusts.

Kenneth De Souza
ASEP® (Associate Specialist in Estate Planning)
AFP® (Associate Financial Planner)

Li Ying has over a decade of experience advising families and business on protection and preservation.

Tan Li Ying
AFC® (Associate Financial Consultant)
AEPP® (Associate Estate Planning Practitioner)


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